Bodilinx - Adult Stress Relief Studio


Posted: 5 December 2013 - 1:30 pm

"As a birthday treat I decided to make my way down to Bodilinx. I hadn't been there for quite some time and I always find the girls there are ensure a great experience. Of course firstly I am looking for someone that I find attractive, but I'm also looking for someone who is fun. That you know you are going to have a great time with.

Of all the four girls that intro'd, Charlie was a stand out with her fun attitude, big smile and skip in her step. She seemed like she wanted to be there and enjoyed what she did. When she asked what I was looking for I replied " I wanted to be teased". Her face brightened even further, grinned that cheeky grin and said " I think we can arrange that." Hook line and sinker. Took the plunge and went for a 45 minute session with her and I tell you that I wasn't disappointed.

Like many of the reviews on here Charlie started with an unorthodox but quite soothing back/ body massage as she talked and engaged with me just to let you know that she was there if you wanted to have a bit of a chat. Upon the turnover she started to rub all over, teasing as much as humanly possible, all the while keeping me in check. She began to body slide all over my dick and she swapped between that and massaging my birthday suit for quite a while, changing it up so that it didn't become boring.

At time's up she proceeded to jerk while sliding her tit over my dick until a came all over her chest.

What a rush. What a great time. I agree with other reviews. Charlie is one in a million. I'll definitely be back for more fun.

Well, there are reviews that make you think, "Hmmm, I might have to see her sometime" and there are reviews that make you think, "Good God! If I don't go and see that girl straight away, I won't be able to function!". And so it was with the Red City review of Savannah. You could feel his wild enthusiasm coming off the screen in waves. I tried to face up to another week of work, but my mind was full of this girl I'd never seen, but already had an image of in my mind. I gave a pathetic excuse for not being able to work for the morning on Monday and rang Bodilinx and with breathless anticipation, asked for a line-up............and there she was, pronounced somewhat oddly as Savaaaahnnah. I booked her for the hour and off I went, Footscray bound.

I was shaking like a first-timer as I was shown to the room and the kind lady took my money ($220 for the hour) and left me to shower. I was drying myself off, when there was a quiet knock on the door and in came Savannah. Jesus Christ! She was wearing a pretty short dress and very high heels. She had a spectacular bust, a beautiful lithe body. Her hair was lovely and wavy and there was loads of it, like a mane. Her lips were bright red and her skin flawless and warm, dark brown. When she came in she carried in a scent of flowers. She was quiet, but very polite. I was lost for words, and only able to awkwardly give her the usual lie about how I heard about her: "A mate told me". Anyway, she smiled a heartbreaking smile and asked me to lie down on my front. I should note here, that I kind of expected an accent of somewhere exotic, but she doesn't have one, just a good Australian girl with some extremely advantageous overseas genetics.

Little else was said for the session, she was simply able to gauge what I liked from my reactions and she had a confidence about her that made me feel that I could relax in the gentle hands of an expert. She began with a lovely oily massage, mixing up therapeutic moves with surprising sensual touches. Her body was held against mine and everything was warm and soft. She giggled when a movement of an oiled hand down my bum crack made me moan and she slid her hands under me to gently fondle my balls and penis. She'd do this intermittently, keeping me on the edge, while she'd go back to working my neck or shoulders. She also ran finger nails over my body and covered her breasts with oil and performed fantastic body slides, with her mane of hair giving off a wonderful scent and lightly and exquisitely touching me all over.

Eventually she turned me over and I got my first really good look at her naked. She continued her touching with oil and dripped a heap of oil on my genitals, giving me a sly smile. Then she took sorbelene and spread it all over her tits and then slid her gorgeous body over me. She brought her tits close and they were lovely and warm and her nipples large dark and soft. I kissed them and gently sucked them. Then she slid them over my cock and I thought I was going to blow, and had to ask her to stop for a while. Then she turned around and displayed her delectable little bottom in the mirror and I gently stroked her pussy and thighs while she began a lovely slow handjob. Her handling was sublime and when she turned and gazed into my eyes and offered a nipple for me to suck, her slow oily hand pushed me over the edge and I went into an all-consuming orgasm, with her gentle tickling of the head of my penis making me shudder and gasp. I think she liked that.

Savannah climbed down from the table (literally, as she really is tiny out of her high heels) and gently cleaned me up, then asked if I'd like more of a back rub to finish. Did I ever. Sometimes the backrub at the end of a session can be a bit of an afterthought with some girls, as if in their minds, you're already gone. But not with Savannah, her back rub in the afterglow was lovely and gentle and caring.

Finally she whispered that it was all over and she had her shower, which I very much enjoyed watching her take (and firmly locked me into a repeat visit). After I'd showered, she saw me to the door and smiled and said goodbye. I think we exchanged about 5 spoken sentences for the whole session, but she was anything but uncommunicative. Her hands and body do the asking and she lets your responses be the answers. I can report a thoroughly enjoyable time with this girl and I recommend her very highly.

Posted: 11 June 2013 - 10:25 PM

"Decided that I needed a massage and thought that I might as well add a special ending to a massage, Meet two ladies Elisa and Holly. Elisa was quite but very polite and understood I actually wanted a massage!!!, not just a push and poke and throw me out the door...Booked for 45 and with a extra(was allowed to touch her all over hmmm). Nice shower and she was already there wanting for me.. helped me dry off and asked me to lay down... Now this was a great massage. A mixture of a firm massage and then some lovely gentle touching all over, body slides were FANTASTIC I was totally relaxed when she asked to turn over. more body slides, more oil more slides. all while I was playing with her,, now I was on the edge for some time with girl and was trying to make it last until she rubbed her nipple up and down my shaft so softly that couldn't take it anymore...let of a mini explosion that caught us by surprize. She is worth a visit if you want to try and massage for something different...Cheers "