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Release Your Stress with the Intimacy of Happy Ending Massage

December 1, 2015

In our modern hectic world, stress is an intimate enemy that ravages one’s health, robs one’s peace of mind, and prevents the ability to cherish the even the simple pleasures that can be found in life, but a happy ending massage can remedy this dilemma. Oh, ‘yes’, it can. And, why not, the average individual is given only a very short amount of time in this finite lifetime to be free from the ravages of stress, and only has all of his life to look forward to a modern life filled with endless drudgery. Sad to say, but it is true for most people.

It goes without saying that humans have employed various means, since time immemorial, to relieve their personal stress, naturally. Whether in the form of music, art, dance, entertainment, food, alcohol, or physical human interaction, we have tried to find ways to deal with stress from an external or internal source.

Within the field of early medicine, it was understood that the individual’s body required some measure of tactile comfort – caressing, so to speak, and that this method best provided the means to relieve an individual of the ailments that plagued their mind – stress and anxiety. This technique of collected, controlled, and perfected touching was also believed to help alleviate other types of physical maladies. From this idea was born the art and science of massage.

Today, massage still stands as one of the most popular methods of stress relief, with a dizzying array of variations and an unlimited number of places to get them, along with skilled, or not-so-skilled, people to execute them. Thankfully, with the advent of modern inter-connectivity, an individual is able to experience the infinite variation that massage can offer, beyond cultural borders right at the comfort of a spa, or even at home.

However, there is a distinctly unique form of massage therapy that had a reputation in the past for being a ‘forbidden art’ – a special massage that conferred unto the individual strength, health, and virility, if executed just right. Spanning various cultures from India and China, all the way to the Levant, the earliest forms of this ‘forbidden’ massage were practiced. Today, this guilty fare is known by a more diminutive name – a happy ending massage.

While the name may be painfully infantile at best, the happy ending massage is actually a skillfully executed massage technique that is guaranteed to relieve one’s stress, and imbue one with a feeling of lasting euphoria, thanks to the virtues of properly executed massage. And, with this type of massage, you are guaranteed to have an intimately pleasurable experience of orgasmic proportions.

The benefits of sensual ‘mutual’ contact massage, along with the definite bonus of an intimately pleasurable experience, are definitely sure to pep up even the most stressed-out individuals. Think life is harsh and unforgiving? Give yourself a break; grab your very own happy ending, today!

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