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Massage Oils: How Aromatic Scents matched with Erotic Massage Help Wake Up the Senses

February 17, 2017

Since time immemorial, the power of scent has always been prized, not only due to the ‘cosmetic’ aspect of scent and the advantages of smelling pleasant, but also because of the long-standing therapeutic reputation of scent. In the old days, scent was highly prized, and oils and essences that were taken from choice herbs, spices, and flowers were meticulously preserved in order to be used for therapeutic purposes. This was commonplace throughout all cultures, and later gave rise to the science and art of perfumery.

Today, the use of aromatic scents for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes continues to persist, and thanks to a greater availability of scents due to improved methods of refining, distilling, and extracting vital oils and essences, the applications for scent as a medium of healing and as a means to beautification has only increased.

Erotic Massage and Aromatic Scents from Essential Oils Will Wake up Your Senses

One of the most common applications that aromatic scents and essential oils fulfil is stress relief. In the not so ancient past, scents like lavender, rose, jasmine and aloes were employed to soothe frayed nerves and relieve stress, often with the accompaniment of general or more intimate forms of massage. Today, the applications are no less viable, especially in a society that is riddled with the stresses of ‘the daily grind’.

Combining soothing or innervating scents with even more scintillating erotic massage does not only help to relieve stress, but it also boots the individual’s mood, and, in the long-term, their overall health. Scientific studies have now shown that there are some scents – long-established in traditional medicine as ‘rejuvenating’ or ‘energising’ – which actually activates certain ‘receptors’ in the human mind that helps to jump-start a lagging system.

Combined with intimate touch, the brain will likewise release a rush of dopamine and endorphins – feel-good hormones, which help to cut down on stress, alleviate anxiety and depression, and even encourages the production of antibodies. With all of these advantages, it’s no wonder why aromatherapeutic erotic massage is becoming so popular of late. But not all aromatherapeutic erotic massage has the same effect on the body and mind.

Proper erotic massage is epitomised by proper technique, and it is technique as well as the quality of oils and scents employed that separate your run-of-the-mill massage parlours from the truly exemplary ones.

Erotic Massage with Scented Massage Oils at Bodilinx

If you’re looking for high-quality massage with skilled masseurs and masseuses, complete with the finest of aromatherapeutic oils that is sure to energise, enliven, and rejuvenate you, to tackle another hard day ahead, then come visit us here at Bodilinx, and experience an erotic massage done right.

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