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Happy ending massage

November 7, 2013

What do people think of when they hear the phrase "happy ending massage"? Is it not usually a seedy brothel that offers token massages as a front to avoid legal trouble? While this is what the populace at large generally think of, the surprising fact of the matter is that sex is not a requirement of a happy ending. In fact, many feel that there is something more powerful about a happy ending that results from a massage without any sex whatsoever.

Most people presented with this concept have a response along the lines of, "A no sex happy ending? Are we talking about the same thing when we say happy ending?"

The answer is yes. A happy ending is actually achieving orgasm in the course of the massage.

How is it possible to have a happy ending orgasm with no sex? Erection and orgasm in this context is a product of sexual arousal coupled with physical contact. Sexual arousal is an almost inevitable result of a nude body-to-body massage. There is almost a "switch" in most men that causes a virtually instantaneous erection when nude and pressed full length against any person that the man does not find actually repulsive. Once arousal is achieved, the happy ending is the easy part. Imagine two well lubricated bodies grinding together. The very image is orgasmic. With the physical sensation added to the mix, a happy ending is an almost certain result.

What makes a nonsexual happy ending so powerful?

The main reason that many men tend to find the a nonsexual orgasm such a powerful experience is that it is different from the typical orgasm that is the result of sex. During actual sex, there is a partner to please. While it is a good and necessary thing, this desire to please someone else tends to be a bit of a distraction from just enjoying what you are feeling. With a nude full body massage, there is no such distraction. The man is free to immerse himself in the pleasure he is feeling. These differences tend have a very profound effect on the magnitude of the orgasm.

When people hear "happy ending", they generally limit their thinking to sex. Those who have moved beyond that and experienced it first hand consider the first nonsexual happy ending a happy beginning, because they know the activity is one they want to repeat again and again.

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